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The Return to Office

May 1, 2024

The precise contours of the new hybrid status-quo are still a work in progress. And to keep up, relevant stakeholders – from employers and workers to municipalities and local businesses – need to keep their fingers on the pulse of how this fast-changing reality is evolving on the ground. 

This white paper dives into the data to explore some of the key trends shaping the office recovery. The analysis is based on’s Nationwide Office Index, which examines foot traffic data from more than 1,000 office buildings across the country, and the City Office Indexes that focus on office buildings in major cities, including New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, and more.

Read the White Paper

Read the white paper to find out: 

  • What was the trajectory of the post-COVID office recovery in 2023? 
  • What impact did return-to-office (RTO) mandates have on major cities nationwide, including New York, Dallas, San Francisco, and others?
  • How has the demographic and psychographic profile of office-goers changed since the pandemic?

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