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How Physical Stores Help DNBs Thrive

May 1, 2024

Although Digitally Native Brands start out as a pure e-commerce play, many DNBs eventually move offline to leverage the various benefits of brick-and-mortar channels and grow their business even further.

Several DNBs are building massive store fleets, while others focus on a couple well-placed stores – and some focus on temporary pop-ups to reap the benefits of physical stores without the long-term commitment. Read on to discover the diverse methods that DNBs are using to drive growth through brick-and-mortar expansion.

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  • How can brick-and-mortar stores help DNBs reach new audiences?
  • Where is a DNB's first outlet store receiving significantly more visits per square foot – and from a much larger trade area – than its nearby competitors? 
  • Which DNB pop-up drove a massive spike in visits to its host location during its week of operation?

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