Research White Papers

East Coast Migration Hubs

May 1, 2024

This white paper looks at several states and metro areas on the East Coast to explore the factors driving migration to these emerging hubs.

Each state discussed in the white paper – and each of the metropolitan areas attracting relocators within them – offers its own set of benefits. But those willing to make the move often fit a similar profile – younger individuals or families looking for a more favorable housing market, better schools, or more job opportunities. 

Read the White Paper

Read the white paper to find out:

  • What characterizes inbound migration to different metro areas in the Carolinas?
  • Which states with older populations are seeing an influx of newcomers from younger areas?
  • Where are people flocking in search of a lower cost of living, and where are they bucking the trend and moving from lower-income areas to more affluent ones?
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