Who’s in the Stands? An In-Depth Look at Arena and Stadium Visits

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After coming almost to a standstill during the pandemic, live in-person events have returned in a big way. Stadiums and arenas – which host a variety of sporting events – are experiencing record attendance. But while it’s clear that in-person attendance is booming, it’s less apparent who these visitors are.

This white paper explores the hidden side of stadium crowds. Using location intelligence, we uncovered the demographic and psychographic traits of sporting events attendees. These metrics can be used to inform marketing strategy and tailor the guest experience to maximize ROI. 

Read the white paper to find out -

  • What do Super Bowl crowds throughout the years have in common? what sets them apart?
  • Do fans of different sports exhibit different purchasing decision-making?
  • How does a team's success impact fans' visit frequency? 
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Read the White Paper
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