Unfolding Consumer Behavior Patterns in the New Normal

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The unusual circumstances of the past two years drove rapid and unpredictable shifts in consumer behavior. These shifts impact every facet of retail strategy, from chain-level considerations like when to open stores to shelf-level arrangements on where to place products, to product-specific decisions for pricing, packaging, and marketing goods. 

This report provides an overview of some of the major shifts in consumer behavior patterns that have emerged over the past two years. Using foot traffic data for key retail categories, we identified six aspects of changing consumer behavior. The findings presented here offer an up-to-date and accurate picture of today’s consumers’ shopping behavior, which is critical for retailers, commercial real estate professionals, CPG executives, and anyone looking to best adapt their retail strategy to the consumer of 2022.

What are the biggest recent shifts in consumer behavior patterns? 

Read our report to find out – 

  • What sector has successfully adapted to rapid changes in its customers’ spending  power? 
  • Why is the increase in online shopping leading to more frequent offline grocery store visits? 
  • How have home improvement retailers turned a short-term opportunity into long-term gains?

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