Travel and Hospitality Deep Dive - Summer 2021

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After a year and a half of extraordinary challenges, during which travel restrictions forced many airlines and hotels to operate at a fraction of their capacity, the winds have begun to change for the travel and hospitality industries. Since July 2021 many of the most visited tourist destinations experienced monthly visits that exceeded their 2019 numbers. And as travelers slowly begin to return to airports, hotels, and tourist attractions across the country, a revitalized travel and hospitality market is emerging.

We dove into’s newly released COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard and to the location data of dozens of leading hotel chains, airports, and tourist attractions to analyze the travel and hospitality recovery patterns.

What are the factors impacting the foot traffic recoveries of hotels, airports, and tourist attractions?

This report presents an overview of the travel and hospitality space from a location analytics perspective, focusing on the period from January 2021 through August 2021.
Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Understand what lies behind the regional differences in tourism recovery
  • Dive into the recovery patterns of the top-visited airports and hotel chains, and find out which subcategories are doing better than others
  • Analyze the foot traffic performances of the most popular tourist attractions to discover what lies behind their unevenly distributed recovery

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