The Evolution of Dining in 2022 - Restaurants, Fast Food, and Coffee

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The dining sector has rallied impressively during two extremely challenging years. Although some restaurants closed and others are still struggling to return to their pre-COVID visit levels, the sector as a whole has shown remarkable resilience and agility. Using every tool in their arsenal, including digitization, improved loyalty programs, community engagement, and strategic rightsizing, many dining concepts used the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate and push their business forward. 

This report will dive into the restaurant industry’s recovery from a location analytics perspective to explore how the field is adapting to consumer needs, community desires, and post-pandemic realities. We examined how this space is adapting to the successive challenges of COVID and rising prices and identified five trends redefining the dining industry in 2022.

How Is the Dining Sector Adapting to Current Consumer Expectations?

Read our report to find out – 

  • Does actively engaging with the local community help coffee shops’ foot traffic? 
  • How are dining concepts implementing omnichannel capabilities?  
  • Are rising gas prices affecting consumers' willingness to drive to restaurants? 

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