Superstore and Grocery Leaders Transforming Retail Media

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Superstores and grocery chains are continuing to spearhead the RMN revolution. With massive reach and diverse customer bases, retailers in these categories are particularly well-placed to help brand partners connect with new audiences. And since grocery chains and superstores still attract more visitors to their physical stores than to their websites, advertisements in grocery chains and superstores’ offline channels can unleash the full power of their retail media offerings.  

This white paper dives into the data to explore innovations in the brick-and-mortar retail media space pioneered by superstore and grocery leaders.

Read the white paper to find out: 

  • Which superstores and grocery chains are leading the charge on retail media network innovation? 
  • How can location intelligence help retailers match their retail media networks with the right advertisers? 
  • Why can foot traffic data optimize retail media network campaigns? 
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