Retail’s Evolving Holiday Season  

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With the holidays just around the corner, Americans are getting back into the seasonal shopping groove. And while inflation may hold some consumers back this season, rising prices may also drive others to take full advantage of in-store bargains and other holiday promotions. 

This white paper dives into retail foot traffic data from the last five years to understand how the holiday shopping season impacts key retail sectors, why different categories display slightly different seasonal trends, and what 2022's season has in store.

Read the white paper to find out –

  • Is last year’s extended retail season here to stay? If so – where does that leave Black Friday?
  • Which categories continue to benefit most from post-Thanksgiving deal-seeking, and which can expect an influx of visits during the pre-Christmas rush?
  • What can retailers do to maximize their gains during these critical weeks?

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Read the White Paper
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