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The world of offline retail is in flux, and there is a seemingly endless number of alternative realities that could play out in this unique environment.

We leveraged location analytics to sort through some of the most important trends that are likely to affect offline retail in the coming years.

What are the trends that will drive offline retail success post-COVID?

We dove into location data to uncover some of the most significant offline retail trends that will continue to define the ecosystem in the coming years.

Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Analyze the impact of DTC and product-oriented brands' expansion to owned locations and the promotion of flagships
  • Understand the future potential of brands targeting the middle and the expansion opportunities for this market
  • Discover how malls and retail brands are shifting towards greater retail diversity
  • Learn how malls are adapting to stay relevant in today's changing retail climate and what foot traffic data reveals about the success of these efforts
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