Retail Trends - 2022 Forecast

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Almost two years after the first lockdowns, it seems that the pandemic has actually enhanced offline shopping’s long-term prospects. Today, consumers and retailers alike are more aware than ever of brick and mortar’s unique value propositions.

But retail’s potential will not actualize itself – retailers need to actively adapt their strategies and seize the opportunities presented by this unique moment in time.

This white paper outlines eight trends that are expected to play a key role in shaping the future of brick and mortar retail going into 2022.

What are the key trends that will shape offline retail in 2022?

We dove into location data across retail sectors and brands to uncover some of the leading trends that emerged in 2021 and that will continue to define the retail landscape in 2022.
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  • Understand how omnichannel approaches and digitally native brands' expansion to brick and mortar are growing and evolving
  • Discover which new types of retail sectors are on the rise and what kinds of new store formats are succeeding
  • Find out how specific retail sectors and brands were affected by the pandemic and whether the effect is long-lasting
  • Learn about the different ways brands are overcoming challenges, from inflation to nationwide expansion amid a global pandemic

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