Q4 2021 Foot Traffic Trends Report

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Foot traffic increases of the past three quarters indicate that grocery, superstore & home improvement sectors have seen more frequent visits for most of 2021, while fitness & apparel are on the road to recovery.

The sectors emerged strengthened by the pandemic, however, the consumer patterns have changed, including weekday versus weekend visit preference and median duration of visits.

This report analyzes the performance of five key retail sectors across numerous brands such as Lowe's Companies, Inc., lululemon, Albertsons Companies, Crunch Fitness, Target and more.

What are the key trends from 2021 that will shape offline retail in 2022?

Download our latest report to learn about:

  • Weekend and weekday visits changes
  • Median duration of visits changes
  • Wholesale clubs and specialty apparel strength
  • Off-Price and value retailers unique performance
  • Discount retailers, hardware & home goods stores growth
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