Predicting 2022’s Surprise Retail Rebounds

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The seven brands featured in this report share one thing in common – they have all been largely written off by leading retail or Wall Street analysts. We beg to differ. 

Whether due to plummeting share prices, recent bankruptcies, low sales numbers, or difficult COVID recoveries, many struggle to identify a path to success for the companies listed in this white paper – but foot traffic trends give clear indications that every brand on this list has serious comeback potential.

Which Brands Are Slated to Rebound in 2022?

Download our latest white paper to discover – 

  • Which discount furniture chain has successfully optimized its store fleet and is seeing surging visits per location? 
  • Which entertainment company has already begun to show hints of a post-COVID comeback?
  • Which office supplies retailer is particularly well positioned to take advantage of the growing hybrid and work-from-home movement?   

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