US Migration Trends Deep Dive

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Where Did People Go, What Are the Implications?

COVID has driven significant changes in behavior and few may be as important and long-lasting as changes in long-standing migration patterns.

Leveraging's new migration analysis tool, we will dive into the most significant migration patterns and their potential impact on retail and office real estate. What might these changes mean for top brands, shopping centers, and employers? Download our latest whitepaper to see.

How are Americans moving since the onset of the pandemic? And how are these patterns affecting the office and retail landscape?

This report presents some of the main migration trends that took place during 2020 and will continue shaping the commercial real estate landscape in 2021.

Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Uncover cross-state migration patterns
  • Analyze migration shifts at the CBSA-level and their effect on regional retail and office distribution
  • Reveal county-level migration trends and their impact on the local workforce and commercial real estate
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