Malls That are Rising to the Top

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Over the past few years, many began to predict the demise and downfall of malls – and COVID-19 further accelerated these trends. But a lot of these doom and gloom predictions focus on malls only as a place to shop, and tend to de-emphasize their social and communal function. And after two years of isolation and a new, pandemic-induced wave of suburban relocation, malls’ potential to bring people together is more prized than ever.

This white paper covers a few specific ways that some malls have found to thrive in the new normal. Read the report to find out – 

  • Which shopping centers are turning to entertainment to draw crowds into their doors?
  • What malls are boosting their brick and mortar visits by embracing omnichannel options? 
  • Where has a new department store boosted foot traffic?

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Read the White Paper
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