Mall Deep Dive - Summer 2021

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Although a post-COVID rebound once seemed unlikely for shopping malls, location data shows that mall foot traffic is in fact recovering. After an extended period of isolation, Americans are showing a reignited demand for the ultimate shopping experience, and futuristic malls adapting to their visitor's changing needs will be the first to profit.

We dove into the location data for 100 indoor malls and 100 major outdoor outlet and lifestyle centers to fully understand how visiting patterns to shopping malls are evolving under a new normal.

How are shopping mall visitation patterns changing under a new normal?

This report presents an overview of the shopping mall space from a location analytics perspective, focusing on the period from January 2021 through July 2021.
Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Learn about the different visiting patterns and recoveries that indoor and outdoor malls are experiencing
  • Understand which behavior patterns have returned to their pre-COVID standards and which have not
  • Discover how shopping mall competition is evolving under a new normal
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