Mall Deep Dive - 2021 Yearly Review

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The pandemic seems to have reinvigorated consumer demand for the mall experience, with 2021 foot traffic data proving once again that malls still play an important role in the broader retail landscape. But while many malls are thriving, others are struggling to adapt to the significant changes in consumer behavior and expectations in an almost-post-pandemic world.   

This white paper looks at a variety of shopping center categories and location analytics data sets to understand how malls and mall consumers have changed over the past two years and to identify best practices that will empower mall stakeholders and retailers to thrive in the years to come. 

Download the white paper to access insights into malls’ tumultuous year to find out how malls fared in 2021 and what lies ahead for the sector in 2022.

How did shopping malls fare in 2021? And are they ready to take on the challenges of 2022?

This report presents an overview of the shopping mall space from a location analytics perspective, focusing on the period from January through December 2021.

 Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Learn how the challenges of 2021 impacted indoor, open-air and outlet malls
  •  Discover how malls are leveraging the power of online data to drive visits
  • Find out how malls are getting creative with empty space and what’s working
  • Understand how mall consumer behavior is continuously evolving and what that could mean for 2022

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