Home Improvement Deep Dive 2020

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When other retail segments struggled to come close to their 2019 visit rates, home improvement leaders surged to impressive year-over-year growth.

We investigated the main contributors to the sector’s winning performance during the pandemic and uncovered how certain leading brands succeeded to adapt and profit.

How Can Home Improvement Brands be Best-Positioned to Leverage the Pandemic-Driven Surge in Consumer Demand?

We dove into the major shifts that had been shaping the industry during the pandemic and investigated which brands succeeded to adapt and profit.

Shifts in Visiting Frequency and Duration

While the home improvement sector experienced exceptional growth in the average visit frequency and duration, success levels varied across brands.

New Consumer Behavior Pattern Trends

Whether by changing their preferred visiting hours or typical customer journey, home improvement consumers have gone through a dramatic shift in shopping behavior patterns.

Change in Trade Area Coverage

Home Improvement shoppers prioritized proximity to home when choosing where to go in 2020. How did this affect trade area coverage across brands?

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