2022 Halfway Point Lessons

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The first half of 2022 took brick-and-mortar businesses – and the economy as a whole – on a wild ride. Looking back on foot traffic trends over the past six months indicates that many of the recent challenges have had a real impact on retail performance – but the extent of the difficulties may be overblown. And while some categories will bear more of the brunt of the current economic downturn than others, the situation is also creating opportunities for brands who can cater to customers’ value orientation. 

What are the biggest retail, dining, and fitness stories of the first half of 2022? 

  • What category is outperforming its pre-pandemic foot traffic levels despite the ongoing inflation? 
  • How is the current emphasis on value impacting retail and dining visits? 
  • Why are some retailers expanding while others are shrinking their store fleets? 
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