Grocery Deep Dive, May 2022: Growth Opportunities Amidst Rising Prices and Shifting Preferences

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The grocery sector displayed incredible resilience to the pandemic, exhibiting a seeming imperviousness to shutdowns and the general economic downturn anticipated as a result. But while most leading and regional grocery players managed to survive, and even thrive, despite the global pandemic, more recent challenges – including labor shortages, inflation, and supply chain issues – are proving tougher to weather. Still, even under the current conditions, several grocery chains have succeeded in implementing winning strategies or finding innovative ways to make the most of their store fleet.

This report dives into the US grocery space from a location analytics perspective. Using foot traffic and consumer behavior data, we analyzed how grocery is performing relative to superstores, whether inflation has affected the sector, what brands are thriving, and if grocery companies are adapting their strategies to shifting consumer preferences. We also give a glimpse of a new innovation in the space that is helping grocery retailers use their brick and mortar stores to generate revenue in a novel way. 

Read our report to find out – 

  • Is there a correlation between regional inflation rates and grocery foot traffic levels?
  • How are grocery brands finding new ways to monetize their brick and mortar reach?
  • Are consumers’ changing preferences affecting grocery offerings?
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