Grocery Deep Dive - June 2021 Update

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As one of the strongest performing retail segments during the pandemic, the grocery sector showed exceptional offline strength by quickly adapting to a new reality. Yet, with the return to normalcy in full swing, the space may need to adapt, once again, to a changing environment.

We dove into the location data of leading grocers to uncover the key trends shaping the sector and the brands that are positioned for long-term success.

How are grocery shopping behavior patterns shifting back to normal, and where are leading grocers meeting these shifts?

This report presents an overview and location analytics perspective of the grocery sector since the onset of the pandemic.

Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Discover how grocery shopping behavior patterns are changing, from preferred hours to the length of visits
  • Uncover the biggest contributors to grocery brands' long-term offline success in 2021
  • Learn how grocery store trade areas are shifting as a result of returning routines
  • Find out how the pandemic has impacted the competition between leading grocery chains, and which brands are better positioned for offline growth

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