Going Big by Going Small: The Small-Format Advantage

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Brick-and-mortar stores serve a wide variety of functions, from operating as a sales channel to supporting product and brand discovery, facilitating fulfillment and reverse logistics, and building customer engagement and loyalty. And when it comes to accomplishing these objectives, bigger isn’t always better – which is why many retailers are now incorporating small-format stores into their fleets.

This white paper analyzes four leading retailers that are shrinking their store size to see how smaller stores can affect visits, dwell time, and loyalty. Keep reading to discover how small-format stores can help retailers better serve their customers while complementing existing store formats within their fleets.

Read the white paper to find out –

  • Which retailer is opening small-format stores near existing larger-format locations in order to serve a niche demographic?
  • Why is a leading grocery company relying on small-format stores to promote a new brand experience?
  • How did a legacy department store brand attract key consumer segments through its small-format concept?
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Read the White Paper
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