Five Legacy Brands Charting a New Course

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The retail space is characterized by frequent change. But despite the rapid shifts in consumer preferences, select retailers have successfully stayed in the game for decades by keeping their finger on the pulse and consistently adapting their strategy to serve the current market – without losing their identities or unique appeal along the way. 

In this report, we dive into five legacy brands that have successfully reinvented their stores, marketing, and product offerings to better suit the demands of modern day consumers. Keep reading to find out how these companies are maintaining relevance in 2022 and what other retailers can learn from these legacy brands’ longevity.

Read our report to find out – 

  • How is a 150-year old brand revamping its stores to make them attractive to today’s consumers? 
  • Which apparel retailer previously popular with teens is now aging gracefully with its consumer base? 
  • What luxury label that recently celebrated its centennial is investing heavily in building a digital empire? 
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