Exploring the Diversity of Malls in 2023

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From the pandemic to inflation to a general consumer sentiment downturn, the past few years have thrown plenty of challenges at the mall space. In the face of a rocky economic landscape, how are visits to shopping centers changing? Where do pockets of optimism shine, and what can demographic insights reveal about the segment?

This white paper looks at recent location intelligence data to understand the current state of the Placer.ai Mall Indexes, which include class-A Indoor Malls, Open-Air Lifestyle Centers, and Outlet Malls. The report analyzes mall-based location analytics from a variety of lenses and perspective to reveal how the shopping center space is faring in 2023.

  • Where in the country are malls outperforming in 2023? 
  • Which audience segments visit the various mall formats?
  • How does shopping behavior differ between urban and suburban malls? 
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