Entertainment Evolved: Exploring Movie Theaters, Casinos, and Eatertainment

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Out-of-home entertainment came to a screeching halt at the onset of the pandemic. Now, more than three years later, movies, restaurants, and casinos are welcoming patrons once again – although shifts in consumer preferences means that the space looks different today than it did in 2019.

This white paper draws on the latest location intelligence data as well as psychographic and demographic insights to uncover the changes taking place in the out-of-home entertainment industry. The analysis focuses on three out-of-home entertainment categories – movie theaters, casinos, and eatertainment concepts – to understand how the sector has evolved and uncover best practices for driving traffic.

Read the white paper to find out –

  • How is the theater industry adapting after months of at-home streaming?
  • Who is likely to choose a casino vacation in 2023? 
  • Which consumer segments seem particularly fond of eatertainment concepts? 

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