Diving Into Retail's Giants - July 2021

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COVID has unequivocally highlighted the strength of three of retail's ruling giants: Walmart, Target, and Costco. At the same time, it has also shed light on rising competition from smaller big-box retailers, who presented impressive resilience and who showcase the emergence of different sub-segments within the superstore space.

We dove into the foot traffic performances of the three leading retail giants and explore the sub-categories each of them leads.

How did the pandemic impact the balance of power between leading retail giants?

This report presents an overview and location analytics perspective of leading retail giants, focussing on the period from January 2021 through June 2021.

Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Analyze the offline performances of the three retail giants: Walmart, Target, and Costco
  • Discover how the rising competition from smaller big-box and superstore players is impacting the wider retail space
  • Learn about foot traffic patterns of the superstore sub-categories: discount retailers, wholesale clubs, and middle-range big-box stores.
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