Dining Deep Dive - April 2021

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More than any other sector, the restaurant industry suffered one of the hardest COVID-19 hits. Yet, there are hopeful signs of a gradual recovery, with some dining segments expected to experience it faster than others.

We dove into the location data of leading restaurant chains to understand how pandemic-driven industry shifts are affecting the foot-traffic performances of sit-down restaurants, fast-casual dining, QSR, and the coffee and breakfast space.

How are pandemic-driven shifts in restaurant consumer needs and patterns affecting the performances of various dining segments?

Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Discover how restaurant chains can bridge the performance gap between city and suburb-located branches, and which states are seeing more restaurant foot traffic than others?
  • Find out how the shift in daily work-life and routines is affecting hourly visits and demand across dining segments
  • Reveal which chains and segments are better-able to retain their base of regular customers and what impact this will have on post-pandemic dining sales
  • Dive into the change in shared restaurant customers during the pandemic and its impact on dining competition
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