Coffee Deep Dive - Waking Up to 2022

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Since spring 2021, the coffee space has been consistently outpacing its 2019 visit levels while the wider dining sector continues to struggle.

Who is driving this sector's unique growth? What brands are the main beneficiaries of this foot traffic increase? Are there any regional differences? And has COVID had any long-term impact at all on this space?

We dove into the location analytics data of leading coffee brands to uncover what made the sector so successful in 2021, and what lies ahead for 2022.

What Lies Behind Coffee's Unique Strength During the Pandemic?

We dove into the foot traffic numbers, breaking the data down by brand and region, to learn how the sector is managing to thrive during these challenging times.

Download our latest whitepaper to:

  • Understand how the sector is performing regionally – across different states, cities, and urban environments
  • Discover how one brand's expansion is affecting the balance of power of major coffee players
  • Find out how COVID-induced shifts in visiting patterns are impacting consumer expectations
  • Learn what the visitor demographics of leading coffee chains can tell us about untapped business opportunities

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