Brands That Are Rightsizing Right

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Large-scale store closures are becoming increasingly common. But not all store closings are signs of a retail apocalypse. There is a significant trend of rightsizing that is more focused on optimization as retailers ask how to best deploy stores to accomplish their wider goals.

In this white paper, we dive into several rightsizing case studies. We looked at companies who have closed stores, are currently closing stores, or deploying different format approaches as strategy rather than as a means of survival.  Using our location data, we uncovered the positive impact that strategic rightsizing can have on neighboring branches and on the company as a whole.

Read the white paper to find out -

  • How has a leading grocery brand successfully curbed cannibalization by closing stores? 
  • What legacy bookseller is seeing more visits per square foot in its downsized brick and mortar venues?
  • Which department stores increased their trade area by rightsizing their store fleet?
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Read the White Paper

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